A Proven Relationship Marketing System

gFour Marketing's done-for-you services use cutting edge and old-fashioned approaches working in perfect harmony to create better quality leads, close more sales, and make your home improvement or services business more profitable than it's ever been.

  • Rank higher than your competition
  • Generate more free leads online
  • Build a reputable brand
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Customer Appreciation

Personalized gifts and cards are just a few of the ways we show your customers how much you appreciate their business. Who doesn't like a special gift at just the right moment? Wow and delight your customers with customizable mail packages that push them over the edge to become Raving Fans.

  • Increase ROI for every customer
  • Ensure they remember you
  • Differentiate yourself from everyone else
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  • Generate significantly more referrals
  • Create urgency for faster results
  • Provide additional value
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Long-Term Nurture

A monthly newsletter and direct mail marketing are excellent methods to keep your customers engaged and informed about your latest news, specials, and promotions. Our team of marketing experts will develop creative content that's designed to build relationships and keep your business top-of-mind.

  • Boost repeat business and cross-selling
  • Keep the referrals, reviews, and sales coming
  • Slash costs of consistent content creation
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You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Tackling Everything on Your Own, Risk Hiring a Costly Employee, or Just Putting Off Relationship Marketing Altogether

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Done FOR You

We Do 98% of the Work.

Your Time Invested: 4 Hours.

Some Common Questions We Get Asked:

Is gFour Marketing right for my company?

Our relationship marketing program is purpose-built specifically for home improvement and home service companies that are dedicated to building relationships with their customers for life! If you are looking to generate more 5-star online reviews, referrals, and repeat customers, then gFour Marketing is for you.

We are generally a best fit for companies that are installing at least 100 jobs per year or have reached $1 million in annual revenue.

To discover more and determine which services would be a good fit for you, schedule your free, no-obligation demo today.

What is included in gFour Marketing’s 1Into5™ Program?

The 1Into5™ Program is a complete customer relationship marketing package. It's our name for the combination of our services that work in harmony to thank, nurture, inform, and delight your customers to boost reviews, referrals, and repeat business for years to come.

We use a combination of email, texting, direct mail, gifts, and various other technologies, strategies, and processes that are all timed together for proven results. Our team will customize the program for you depending on your company’s goals and commitment to customers for life.

To find out more about which elements of the program would best fit your company’s needs, schedule your free, no-obligation demo today.

How long will it take to set everything up and get started?

3-4 weeks once you have decided to move forward. Almost all of this is work on our end, and the entire process might take a couple hours of your time in short calls or meetings. We’ve already developed proven, proprietary systems and methods that are running every day for businesses like yours.

When you become a client, we’ll meet with you for about 45 minutes to understand your business and the goals you have. From there we build out and customize a version of our 1into5™ Program just for you.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by a few factors, including which combination of our programs you are interested in and your job volume.

We encourage you to schedule a one on one consultation to determine the best form of our 1Into5™ Program for your company. If we are a good fit for you, we can easily give you exact pricing on the solutions you request during the call.