How Thanking Your Customers Will Get More Leads for Your Home Improvement Business

Are you one of those home improvement business owners who has a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” mentality? You know what we mean…you finish a job and without so much as a proper “thank you”, you’re off to chase after the next shiny new lead.

If that sounds like you, you can take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. But…and this is a BIG but…there’s no comfort in leaving behind the greatest potential for new business and profits that’s hiding right there within your existing customer base.

One of the most significant jumps we’ve ever seen in any business was when they started implementing a Customer Appreciation System.

And just so you know, appreciation is the first and most important piece of the system we now implement for our clients every day here at gFour Marketing. If your customers don’t feel appreciated, they won’t use you again for other projects, they won’t post positive reviews about you online (they might actually post negative ones instead), and they certainly won’t refer you to their friends. This is something to consider if you want more online reviews for your contractor business.

However, if you consistently and systematically thank every single one of your customers in a special way, you are going to see your profits jump, in the following 3 ways.

  1. You’re going to KEEP more of your customers and generate more leads for your home improvement business.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving past one of your previous customers’ homes, and you see that they’ve had more work done to their home – but they never called you and asked you to do it.

Perhaps they forgot about you. Perhaps they forgot that you offered other services. Perhaps they weren’t even happy with the services your originally provided for them.

Sending a simple “thank you” note or gift after the “glow” of the new project wears off could have gone a long way in making you and your business more memorable.

It also would have given you the opportunity to remind that customer that you can perform other services for them in the future. You would have also gotten the chance to make sure that the customer was satisfied with the work you performed.

Instead, your competition is benefiting from your mistake.

To keep your customers coming back to you time after time and to be their Contractor For Life™, you absolutely, positively MUST thank each and every single one of them, every single time you perform a job for them.

This will not only reinforce the sale, but it will make them feel more confident about their purchase and leave them with positive thoughts about doing business with you. It’s a great way to generate more referrals for your contracting business.

  1. You’re going to MULTIPLY your customers and generate more referrals for your home improvement business.

There are SO many marketing methods available to you today – TV, Radio, Print, and the Pandora’s Box that is Internet Advertising – but do you know the #1 marketing method for the past 10,000 years???

Word Of Mouth.

It has ALWAYS produced more customers who close more easily and at higher prices than any other form of marketing.

This is why referrals are like GOLD in our industry. And in today’s connected world, online reviews are like modern-day referrals.  If you’ve asked yourself, “How can I get better online reviews for my contractor business?” this is one sure way!

After the job is completed, your customer might be happy and they might tell 1 or 2 friends about it, but why not turn that customer into a raving fan who is shouting your praises from the rooftops?

Use the law of reciprocity to your advantage. Just by thanking that customer, they will feel obligated and encouraged to tell even more people about how you sent them a nice thank you gift. And that might be in-person, or – even better – they may tell the whole world by sharing a positive online review.

If you took care of a customer and performed fantastic work for them, don’t let the relationship end there. Thank them after the job is over, extend that relationship, and they will want to share that experience with their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers – who will soon become your new customers.

  1. You’re going to CREATE customers and generate more referrals for your contracting business.

It’s one thing to “WOW” your current customers by thanking them – but to become known as THE company that appreciates and takes care of its customers – that’s branding that doesn’t have a price tag.

Unfortunately, we all know that consumers have a very hard time trusting contractors. There are plenty of horror stories out there.

So if you’re known as the contractor who sticks around after the sale and appreciates your customers, that reputation will keep your phone ringing.

Become the contractor who thanks your customers, and you will also become your competitors’ worst nightmare and you will get more referrals for your contracting business.

In the end, you should thank your customers first and foremost because they deserve it. They’re helping you live out your dream as an entrepreneur; they’re putting food on your table and money in your pockets so you can pay your employees and help them do the same.

But you should also show your customers you appreciate them because it makes business sense. By thanking your customers, you’ll also create, keep, and multiply your customers… and ultimately, you’ll create, keep, and multiply your profits, too.

If you want to find out how you can easily “WOW” your customers and supercharge your profits with a system that thanks your customers for you, Book a Demo with us today!