Introduce a Contractor Friend to gFour Marketing & Get $400 a Pop!*

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We love referrals, just like you! Refer home improvement or home service companies who serve 120+ clients per year and want to grow their referral and repeat business.

*How do I earn a $400 reward?

After we meet with a qualified company you referred, to show our gratitude for the introduction we'll send you a $400 American Express gift card to say THANK YOU, regardless of their decision to hire us. In order for a company to be considered qualified, it must be an established home improvement or home service business with a base of existing clients (serving 120+ clients per year) and they must attend a demo with gFour Marketing.

We appreciate any "good vibes" you would like to send along in advance!

Have a questions about our referral program? Contact your Relationship Manager at (305) 856-8788