Newsletters for Homeowners? WHO CARES?

Did you know that more than 91% of promotional mail not only gets opened but also read? Now picture the remarkable impact when you synchronize your digital efforts with direct mail: your response rate could skyrocket by an astounding 63%!

Are YOU utilizing newsletters and direct mail to ensure you stay top of mind with your customers and bring in highly profitable repeat and referral business?

gFour Marketing’s proven, done-for-you program leverages a newsletter program that includes:

  • Four (4) print issues per year.
  • Newsletters that are completely customized to your brand.
  • Customer experience / messaging that is consistent with your other 1Into5 campaigns.
  • No Hassle. We do it ALL for you!
Don’t wait – now is the time to see EXACTLY how to maximize the power of direct mail THIS SUMMER and transform your customers into Raving Fans who generate 5-star reviews, ongoing referrals and repeat business. Schedule a demo to learn more about the complete relationship marketing system for contractors and home pros (and don’t forget to ask about July’s newsletter!)

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