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The only done-for-you relationship marketing for busy home improvement and home services companies that want to transform customers into Raving Fans who generate 5-star reviews, ongoing referrals and repeat business.

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Build Business Longevity

Wow & Delight Every Customer Into Your Best Customer... Automagically!

Nurturing the average homeowner into a Raving Fan is hard. Our proven relationship marketing engine makes it easy. gFour Marketing’s 4-step approach will set your company’s experience apart and downright delight your customers, keeping them engaged for years to come – and the best part is we do 98% of the work!

Feedback & Reviews

Gain enough 5-star reviews to rank higher than your competition and generate free leads online.

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Customer Appreciation

Wow and delight your customers to spur reviews and referrals, build your brand, and increase ROI.

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Referral Rewards

Provide additional incentive and create urgency to boost referral volume and create faster results.

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Long-Term Nurture

Make sure your customers remember you to increase repeat business, cross-selling, and referrals.

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You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Tackling Everything on Your Own, Risk Hiring a Costly Employee, or Just Putting Off Relationship Marketing Altogether

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Results Speak for Themselves

There’s a reason clients have given us a 5.0 Google rating with hundreds of glowing reviews.

The ROI has been absolutely huge

I can’t endorse gFour enough. They have been an absolute blessing to our business. The growth we’ve experienced has been tremendous. The ROI has been absolutely huge. Numbers never lie.

Clifton Muckenfuss

Carolina Exteriors

It’s really bringing down our overall lead costs.

Once we figured out what it would cost us to hire a person and fulfill the production, we realized that gFour could do it better for 1/3 the cost. I’ve never written this many referral checks. It’s really bringing down our overall lead costs.

Steve Thompson

Castle Centurion

Flat out better leads

gFour’s insights have been tremendously helpful, and they do all the work for you. These referrals coming through the 1Into5 Program are just flat out BETTER leads. This program sets a whole different bar… it’s gold!

Patrick Readyhough

Pond Roofing

Higher revenue jobs at a lower marketing cost

I had heard numbers thrown around like 40% repeat and referral revenue. It seemed like a pipe dream. It’s working for us – I can’t believe we hadn’t been doing it before. We’re enjoying higher revenue jobs at a lower marketing cost!

Ted Fox

Fox & Sons

We’re booked solid

We have been able to increase our repeat business dramatically. We’re booked solid, 3 or 4 days out! gFour provided a great way to build a wall around our customer base. It’s THE way to keep your customers coming back.

Jeff Heger

NixCo Plumbing Inc.

Everything gFour promises they deliver

Everything gFour promises they deliver. Everything they have recommended has worked. I’m a believer in following a successful path. If it works, it works!

Shawn Clemens

Clemens Home Solutions

A nice uptick for our bottom line

We’ve seen an increase in repeat/referral business, number of online reviews, and customer satisfaction. Our lead costs stay very low, which in turn translates into a nice uptick for our bottom line.

Artur Bak

Bak Brothers Inc.

The phone rings

In addition to our referrals, our repeat business is way up as well. We can tell immediately when emails or newsletters go out because the phone rings. Whatever they’re doing is working!

Jim Bushey

Bushey's Window & Doors

People just love that personalized touch

We’ve had dozens of people mention the cookies. I think people just love that personalized touch. gFour does such a great job of crafting a message, people think that we’re sitting down at the computer and specifically sending an email to them.

Addison Kaasa

Wright-At-Home Services

Never Locked In.You Own The Results.No Risk To Start.

We don't believe in using "tricks" to lock you into a service. Hard working contractors deserve to own their brand and build on their results. gFour makes it easy for you to start with our No Risk Guarantee, and you can scale up or scale back as needed.

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Referral Success Blueprint

Referral Success Blueprint

Want to know how you could generate more revenue from the customers you already have? Well, take a look at our Referral Success Blueprint to learn how!

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